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There are schools where your child study, but studying is an important aspect of a child’s development. There are several other factors required to achieve overall growth of the child. And that is why boarding school system is introduced. Boarding school enhances the quality of children’s education system. There is one of the best boarding school in India and that is GD Goenka Signature school. This school is located near the India’s capital Delhi. Gurgaon is the fastest developing place in India and the school is located there which makes it one the best boarding school in india. This development helps in increasing the value of the place. The school is state if the art there. 

Most of the students come from rest of the India and to reach the school is very simple as you can take a cab from the Delhi Airport and you can reach to the school after 30 minutes. Boarding school’s main attraction is the boarding houses and to make a positive environment the school has evolved a lot and makes the boarding houses a lot more impressive. The boarding house has all the facilities and the campus is amazing as well.

Apart from the school’s amazing features, the school education policy is great too.

This school comes in top 10 schools in Delhi/NCR. This makes it impressive evne more. If the school has such great ranking then it should mean something. The quality of education is top class, the students and teachers focus on the practical knowledge more than the book learning.

 The school focus on 21-century skills like communication skills, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration skills. This brings more confidence in students as they have to face the real world after schooling and these skills will definitely help them. The school focuses on excellence not marks although they do make marks the priority and helps to score well. Regarding the infrastructure, the school has 20 acres of land with all the necessary facilities, the reason the school has this type of infrastructure is that it is a boarding school too. Students come around all over India to study here.

Safety And Security

One of the most asked questions for a boarding school is about safety as safety comes first then anything for a child. The safety and security of students is paramount importance to school as well. The campus has 24X7 security cover and over 1000 CCTV cameras to ensure the safety and security of students. Fire sprinklers, alarms, and smoke detectors have been placed at regular intervals and are routinely checked. Various drills are conducted regularly and protocol is in place for different scenarios. 

To know more about the GD Goenka Signature School visit to –

GD Goenka Signature School Opp. 

GD Goenka University Sohna Road 


Contact Number - 9810910000

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