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The Advantages Of Studying In The Best Residential School

Waking up at sharp six am in the morning to the ringing sound of the steel rod, in warden’s hand, striking on the doors of our respective rooms. Brushing up teeth, bathing and getting ready for school, with an ironed shirt, pant and a tie hanging from the neck collar. Rushing footsteps towards the dining area for the first meal of the day; a glass of milk, two biscuits, a butter toast and well, sometimes lucky enough to get something new on the plate. Where do we find this schedule? - In residential school . The picture here: Some kids know where they are going to go after their parents’ fights cannot tolerate another person in their lives. Some kids go here because they need grooming and discipline. While few never thought they would end up here; consequences they say. Whatsoever the reason behind each children’s enrolment, all of them have to be safe and feel like home. Coming here sure does provide discipline and subtleness to a child but sometimes the load and pressure bury t